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So it was a nice day here in Oakland NJ...

...and then a storm rolled in. Lighting struck a looming, enormous tree in my backyard causing it to fall and crash down onto our tour van (and the house I live in). The whole right side of our van is smashed in. The van is un-drivable and the cost to fix all of the damages far exceeds the actual worth of the automobile itself. It's going to be months before we see any compensation from our insurance company and even if, it will only cover a fraction of what the van is worth.

In other words: we're pretty fucked.

Over the last 2 years we've really worked our asses off. We've played countless shows, worked ridiculous 20 hour days, spent endless nights writing, planning, booking and designing... but like most bands, we're completely broke. We do this because music is our lives. It's what we know how to do. But with a crushed van, we have no way to tour, we are limited in the shows we play, we are out the thousands and thousands of dollars we've invested in it and are unable to do what we love.

This is something we never thought we'd have to ask... but, we need your help. We've set up a PayPal fund for those who'd be willing to donate. Every penny would help...
Paypal e-mail:

Thank you so much for even reading this far. Even if you cannot donate, your kind words will help us as well.

Keep checking back for all sorts of updates. We appreciate your help and we love all of you.

- The boys of New London Fire

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so i spent the past couple of days with those dudes.

mongrel is going to blow.up.
[don't say i didn't warn you.]

they'll be on sounds of the undergound ALL SUMMER so you don't have an excuse to not see them.

don't know what you're missing?

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and check out their old bass player's new band, Batter Up: [NJ Posi-Punk. smoogs does...stuff.]

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HEY EVERYONE, DON'T FORGET. tomorrow the new atlantic cd comes out! buy it, and then tell all your friends to buy it, and tell them to tell all their friends to buy it. and so on and so forth.

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HEY breaking news:

Baumer is up for a major artist compilation at Starbucks. This is an exponentially REALLY BIG DEAL, so it would be amazing if you all would vote for them.

You need a valid email address to vote, so dig up all those old shitty addresses you never use anymore and vote as many times as you can!

Thank you lovelies!

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Hi kids, what's going on, is it Spring Break for you yet and if it is are you partying like it's... uh... Spring Break?

If not (to either of those questions), then here's some exciting news to cheer you up!

1. Most importantly, New Atlantic won both MTVU's The Freshmen and Fuse's OvenFresh, so go check out both those websites or watch for the video for "Wire and Stone" on those channels. And thank YOU for voting for them! That's teamwork, we like that shit at Eyeball.

2. The Eyeball showcase at SXSW was a massive, humongoid success. Apparently at least 220 people were in rotation all night long, so that's at least 600 people in and out all night. So thank you again if you were one of those 600, and if you weren't, well, just lie to us. Overall, SXSW was a massive, humongoid success for all our bands, especially Pompeii, whom I think had shows at least twice a day, every day. (And Rob and Dave still managed to hit up the Purevolume party with me every night. That's tenacity, we love that shit at Eyeball.)

Speaking of Pompeii, they performed a Lounge Act session for, which is lovely and amazing. See photos here, or listen to it here!

3. Finally, Eyeball has some shows coming up in the tri-state area. New London Fire is playing Maxwell's, one of our favorite venues, in Hoboken on April 5th. Also, Sin-e, one of Manhattan's raddest clubs, is closing, and Eyeball has the last show ever! The lineup is The Anthem Sound, The Velocet, Kiss Kiss, and New London Fire, as well as a special performance by THE GAY BLADES. So come out, and schmooze some drink tickets off us.


speaking of New Atlantic, preorder here!

and if you guys could repost that banner anywhere and everywhere, that would be amazing. THANKS. (if you need help with coding, just comment or email me at and I'll send you the code.)

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children, it is march 6th. this means absolutely nothing in particular, but hey, at least now you won't have to look it up when you backdate all your school papers today to make it seem like you didn't wait until an hour before class to write them.

it does mean, though, that South by Southwest commences in officially eight days. seven, if you don't count today. are you going? because you should be. know why?

that's why.
please note the headliner, an albatross. "what???" you say? that's right. you hardcore fans and/or philly kids should be as thrilled as i am, and pay the gazillion dollars to fly to austin.

if, though, you're not thrilled, then we hate you and don't want you there anyway. and since you'll clearly have nothing better to do, then you alternately need to go to this:

no, this even has nothing to do with eyeball records. it has to do with being a good person. as in, you will not be a good person (you will be a bad person, if you can't read double negatives) if you're around and don't go.


see you all after texas.


(thanks to jason debiak for the art show information. and for letting me hotlink his shit. whoops.)